Building Trust and Cooperation in the age of Digital Communication

The rapid and growing development of digital technologies is changing the way how we live, work, and socially interact. The recent Covid-19 pandemic crisis has pushed towards greater use of these technologies in any sector, facilitating work and communication. Digital technologies have created a new way of relating which can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. It is essential that managers, supervisors, or even mediators and conflict resolution experts learn and adopt strategies and techniques to facilitate communication and build trust and cooperation among employees, professionals, and businesses that increasingly interact through digital tools.

The session was held as a part of the International Online Mediation Conference: the Steinbeis Days - 7th Leipziger Mediation forum from 21 to 23 June 2021. The video has been created with consent from all participants.


Luca Dal Pubel is a conflict resolution, mediation, and online dispute resolution (ODR) practitioner and researcher. He is a partner of Resolutia an ADR/ODR Firm and co-founder of Bluebird Project an Italian platform for ODR. He is also a member of Resolutia Gestione delle Controversie, Italy, an association of ADR experts and a project partner of Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation, Leipzig.

The 'Steinbeis Days - Leipzig Mediation Forum' is typically held twice every year, in German and, since recently also for international audiences, in English. The core topics of this mediation conference revolve around the developments in conflict management and the methods of out-of-court conflict resolution. Stay tuned for the next event at

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