InMediate Module 4 Conflict Analysis - Lesson 1: Basic concepts and classical methods for conflict analysis

With Klaus Harnack, PhD

The objective of this course is to teach you how to analyse conflict assessment in intercultural settings and to conduct a stakeholder analysis on your own.

This course is part of the 6-month training course "International Mediation" by IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation, which focusses exclusively on intercultural aspects of international dispute resolution.

More Information

The training is aligned with the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees receive a certificate issued by Steinbeis University Berlin.

For more than 20 years IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation has been active in national and international mediation.

IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation has established itself internationally as the organizer of professional conferences for mediators working worldwide in Berlin, Florence, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Warsaw. Moreover, our institute is also involved in projects funded by the European Union to foster and develop cross-border mediation.

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